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The Color of Emery County: We're just getting started.

Emery County, Utah is not only a place to experience the raw beauty of mother earth, it's a place of healing. Emery County is my back yard. I grew up here and I have started a journey that I would love to take you with also. I will rediscover my home. I am just getting started.

Come join me in Joe's Valley, a family destination with boating, climbing and camping in mountain passes that are calling to us. Hide in Goblin Valley with me, where there are surprises around every hoodoo formation. I wake up to the sunrise over the San Rafael Swell and sleep under a sky full of stars twinkling after the sun sets over the Manti-La Sal mountain range. My back yard is extremely rugged and diverse. We will hike, bike, and climb together. We will fish and swim in streams, lakes and reservoirs. I implore you come, have joy and peace.

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